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If you are considering membership in EAA Chapter 65 – Golden Horseshoe, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the Member Code of Conduct and Hangar Rules. Also, you should first become a member of EAA – World Wide.

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Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) – Chapter 65 – Golden Horseshoe

Dedicated To The Advancement Of Aviation Education, Homebuilt Aircraft And Private Aviation
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Terms: 1] Any person who wishes to become a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association – Chapter 65 (hereinafter referred to as EAA 65), is required to complete Application for New Membership form and submit it with the applicable dues for the current year. 2] Upon receipt of the application, the Board of Directors will, at its first opportunity, review the application and recommend that it be or not be accepted. 3] The decision of the Board shall be final. However, if rejected, the applicant shall have the right to present his case to the Membership at large at the next regular meeting. Should the said Membership, by a two-thirds vote of the total members on the membership list for the current year at the next general meeting, approve the application, the applicant shall become a member and the decision of the Board is null and void. 4] Acceptance of the application will entitle the applicant to all of the rights and privileges of EAA 65. 5] Dues for the following year shall be due and payable by December 31st of the current year. The by-laws allow for an extension to January 31st only of the year for which they are due. Failure to comply will mean that the member loses all seniority and associated privileges in EAA 65. The new seniority date will be the date that payment for the year is finally received. At the discretion of the Board, any member who has for any reason forfeited all club privileges may again be required to complete the “Application for New Membership” form that will then be processed in the same manner and under the same rules as any other new member’s application for membership. 6] Any member who participates in activities which are contrary to the club’s mandate and goals, or may bring disgrace to the club, or who is in default of any payments due to the club, may, upon the recommendation of the Board, lose all privileges of membership and this decision shall be communicated to the members at the next general meeting. The member shall immediately, upon being notified of the Board’s decision, return to the President all keys and/or other property belonging to the club. 7] Every member is encouraged to participate in volunteer activities that benefit the Club. 8] Your personal information, including, but not limited to, telephone number, address and email address, will be part of an annual circulation of a club members list made available to all current members. Fees: One time Initial Fee of $100 + Annual Dues $75 = Total $175. Annual Dues are $75. New sign-ups after April 1, annual dues are $5/month from application to December 31. If accepted as a member of EAA Chapter 65, you hereby agree to abide by the conditions and amendments in the Corporate Charter and EAA Chapter 65 Guidelines.