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If you have missed a monthly chapter meeting but would like to watch the monthly chapter video by EAA, click on any of the following links. Be patient while the file downloads. They are large files!

January 2017 Jack Pelton New Year Announcement. Charlie Becker & Brian Carpenter of Rainbow Aviation with the EMG 6 Electric Ultralight. Hints for Homebuilders: EMG 3D Printed Parts.
February 2017 History of EAA and Air Venture. Hints for Homebuilders: Patching Plexiglass
March 2017 Charlie Becker talks about free chapter resources. 1909 Curtis Pusher. C-5 Galaxy. Hints for Homebuilders: Installing a vent in a portable fuel can.
April 2017 Charlie Becker talks about EAA Webinars. Chris Henry talks about the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program. Hints for Homebuilders: TIG Welding Acute Angles.
May 2017 Jack Pelton makes Oshkosh development announcements. AirCam Project. Blue Angels. National Naval Aviation Museum. Tavares Seaplane City. Hints for Homebuilders: Bandsaw Tabletop.
June 2017 EAA Merchandise. SX-300s at Spruce Creek. B-25 Mitchell Restoration. Hints for Homebuilders: Cut open and inspect Oil Filter.
July 2017 1/3 Scale 2-seat B17G Bally Bomber. Stallion 51 Mustang fighter training school. Hints for Homebuilders: Engine Mount Cotter Pin Installation.
August 2017 No video was issued in August
September 2017 Oshkosh debrief. Chapter development. Learn Build Fly Baby. Only At Oshkosh video clips. Hints for Homebuilders: Tension vs Shear Nuts.
October 2017 Unger Breezy. Cubs 2OSH. Hints for Homebuilders: Air/Oil Separator.
November 2017 Chapter leadership. Young Eagles Software. Turbo Conversions. Normandy DC-3 restoration. Air Academy. Hints for Homebuilders: Cutting Aircraft Control Cable.
December 2017 No video was issued in December
January 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees. Hints for Homebuilders: Engine Compartment Clamping.